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Hey My names Megan, I am a jack of all trades for the most part and enjoy various types of art. I'm a realist, a surrealist, a cartoonist, a photographer, and the list goes on. My styles are always changing and evolving. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of time to spend on art anymore, but please take a look through my Gallery! I also do commissions as well as art trades.
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Hey guys,
Hopefully this week I will be uploading a chibi picture of my most favorite characters from two different stories I have. However, I really have not posted much of anything about The Legend of Serafina, which is probably my pride and joy as far as story goes. So I am posting this journal as a run over of The Legend of Serafina.

Serafina was the world's Paris at the time. The people there were romantic and enriched with the arts. They had a culture of their own and excelled as a community far greater than the rest of the world. Everyone had a place in Serafina, whether it be a warrior or a performer, everyone was very skilled in their trade. Each trade lead to a series of tattoos on a specific body part to resemble skill level and ranking in the community. For example, an actress would have a full face tattoo if she was of the highest rank. The "mayor," if you will, of Serafina was elected because of his skill in various areas, as shown by his tattoos and also performed tattoos on other citizens.
As wonderful as Serafina was, the whole town was destroyed and covered up almost overnight by the governing power of the land. The overhead government had a secret project to test immortality serrums on the citizens of Serafina. The government passed the injections off as a cure to some unruly disease that was killing "millions" of people at the time. As a city of culture, Serafinians did not practice science. Sciences were stricktly off limits and only religion ruled the land. The soldiers came in and injected the citizens with thousands of different expirement serums, leading to screaming and mutations instantly upon injection. The whole scene would just be murder and screaming across the city. Any survivors would be shot. And over night the whole thing was no more. Serafina was gone.

300 years later, a mischevious girl named Ren is probing Serafina remains underneath the slums she lives in for some extra cash. She is told that if she finds a body she would be paid handsomely and any relics would be of payment as well. Months and months of searching has left Ren weary of finding any bodies when she comes upon one, the body of the late Noir, a famed actor of Serafina.
To her surprise, Noir springs to life thinking Ren is his former girlfriend. Ren then takes Noir to her boss, William and is surprised to see how hostile the two act against eachother. William had injected Noir with the serum that has ultimately kept him alive, but had put him in a coma for 300 years. William had took the same injection himself after watching the horror unfold around him in order to commit suicide. He awoke promptly after and since then has been searching for Noir's remains. The two were immortal, and the three would travel to find out what really happened in Serafina.

Now for some character details...

Noir, main hero, male
Age before immortalization: 26

Noir was a promising actor in Serafina as well as a warrior. His mother was the model actress of the time and his father was the leader of the warriors. Noir failed to impress his parents due to his older sister, Arro, being successful in both combat and theater. His weapon of choice is dual wielding knives, both are tied to his wrist with a stretchy band to throw and retract for combat.
Noir's acting career led to meeting Jaune, a nurse who had been his biggest fan in the audience. Noir mistakes Ren for Jaune when they first met. Jaune meant the world to Noir, and he had planned to marry her before the attacks on Serafina.
His personality is very bleak, he is quiet and modest. Noir is soft and is often conflicted by his motives. He also does not fancy William, and will protect Ren at all costs.

Ren, full name is Renee (considering changing it to Wren), main heroine, female
Age: 19

Ren had been living in the slums above Serafina her whole life. Her father was a prominent preacher in the city and settled in the slums to bring hope into the community. Her mother stays at home and helps with the church. The family itself is poor, they can't afford much leading Ren to find a job, a job she would soon find to be dangerous, but was heavily paid out by William. Ren's talents include being fluent in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, as well as a unique ninja like cloaking ability. Ren is a fan of going under the radar with several different personas, including Renja (her ninja form), Renchester (Her cowgirl in distress form), and Renjamin (her emo boy heartthrob form).
After finding Noir, William did not want Ren to accompany them any further, but Noir was going to make sure that Ren was guarded at all times after being attacked by their unknown enemies at the time.
Ren is a very outgoing and confident girl who often gets herself into more trouble than she can handle. She has an overwhelming crush on William and tries to prove to him that she can handle herself. Ren is also very soft on Noir, she feels for his personal feelings very much.
Also, Ren is always companioned by a small dog named Ace.

William (former names unlisted)
Immortalized at age 27

William is another survivor of Serum 83, an immortalizing serum he took after watching Noir die at his hand, hoping to commit suicide. William awoke 50 years later in the abandoned Serafina and set out to spread the truth about the city. He wrote a children's picture book about Serafina, calling it "The Legend of Serafina." The book contained details and portraits of the main officials involved as subliminal messages about what really happened. His efforts were quickly seized as copies of the book were burned and William was sentenced to death. Again, he awoke 50 years later. Laying low this time, William started collecting information on Serafina and probing the remains himself. After coming up with no leads on Noir, he traveled the world hoping he could find him. He settled back outside the slums where he met Ren, and gave her the opportunity to make money searching the remains.
William's weapons of choice is various ammunition weapons. He is handy with a shotgun as well as pistols, and can dual weild many weapons. William is very toned and armed in hand-to-hand combat as well.
His personality is cocky and persistent. William is always the leader and has to call the shots. He has regret for the things he has done to Noir and has a soft spot for Ren.

So who are our Villians??
After Serafina was destroyed, the government collected no data of a valuable immortality serum. And yet our villians are the citizens of Serafina themselves. Yes, the majority of them survived as evil demented Zombies that work for the head scientist herself: Irene of Light.

Irene of Light, main villain, former serafinian
Age at Immortalization: Unknown.
Irene was a citizen of Serafina at a very young age, she was 9 years old when she ran away. Irene escaped because her mother could not fathom her obsession with science and beauty. Irene from an early age believed that we could save ourselves, not the God's we like to immagioin. She met with (enter head scientist name, I believe he will be Vert, but not much is known about his character) and began telling him her thoughts on the world and immortality. He listened. And he acted. Together they made the first strand of immortality serum that Irene took. It resulted in her losing vision, but enabling her to see things others could not. They furthered their research and planted their plan on the city she felt so entitled to destroy: Serafina.
Now, Irene's minions are the very citizens of Serafina. The serums contained trace amounts of her DNA and allow her to control them from her mind. Irene can also see through the eyes of her minions.
Her personality is cold and unforgiving, but relaxed. Irene plans to reveal her immortality serum to the world, showing them the effects it had on her minions and leaving out the fact that she will control them all. The serum Noir and Willaim took is the only pure substance that blocks Irene's control.
Irene's main helpers are Arro and Jaune, two women very close to Noir.

Arro (prounouned Arrow)
Arro is the sister of Noir and the biggest rival he has ever faced. Her weapon of choice is a large stick with knives on both ends, the stick can detach and bend makng her weapon similar to Noir. Arro was also married to the Mayor of Serafina, (name not thought of yet) and they are inseparable and act as a team in combat. Her husband's weapon of choice is two blades that form into a hula hoop shaped ring.

Not much is known about Jaune except she was a nurse in Serafina. She adored Noir and now is a puppet to Irene. Her serum has made her incredibly violent and sadistic. Now, She loves to prey on Noir.

And last, but not least, our Anti-Hero
High Priest John (name subject to change, John has stuck in my mind but I am not a fan of it)
John finds Noir and the gang and immediately sets out to kill them. You heard me, he is a preist on an agenda. He believes he has been sent from God to kill all the immortals running amock in his kingdom. His weapons are flamethrowers that have been wired inside his own body including the palms of both his hands and inside his throat. John does not mess around, and has learned the only way to kill an immortal is to make them burn. However, he is stopped by Ren and in a way teams up with them to take out Irene, but he is promised the lives of both Noir and William in return.
So why does John listen to Ren? Well this is our little secret....buuuuttttt John is actually Ren's father. He had given Ren to the preacher as a baby to finish his mission to God and destroy the immortals after they murdered his wife (Ren's mother). At the very end I plan to have John tell Ren, but Ren already figured it out and the two are at peace together.

So, that's a lot of story am I right?? There are a lot of things I would like to work out and continue to think of in my head. But overall, I could not be happier with the Legend of Serafina. I would really like this to become something someday. But for now only day dreams of my adventures with Noir in Serafina. Yes. :)
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